Inma Canero Jewelry Design

Professional gemologist with over 15 years of experience working with top international jewelers in Spain, including Tous and Vasari. Managing the Gemology Department at Vasari for nine years, Inma actively participated from production to final sales.
She holds a degree as a Gemologist in Synthetic Diamonds and Stones from the School of Gemology at the University of Barcelona. She also has a degree in Jewelry Design from Orafe Le Arti in Florence. Inma is a Certified Gemologist by the Gemological Association of Great Britain.
She has actively studied Rhinoceros 3D Applied to Jewelry Design at the ETEA School of Barcelona.
Inma regularly attends major European jewelry fairs including Bassel Fair, Vincença Gold and Munich Fair, amongst others, while maintaining strong relationships with key European and Asian suppliers.
Inma Cañero has also launched her own exclusive 2019 collection of jewelry.

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